The Plants

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Clones taken from selected premium plants:

Cypripedium 'Frosch's Mountain King'
'Frosch's Mountain King'
Cypripedium 'Frosch's Queen of the Mist'
'Frosch's Queen of the Mist'

Hybrids raised from seed:

Cypripedium Barry Phillips
Barry Phillips
Cypripedium Christian
Cypripedium Emil
Cypripedium Gabriela
Cypripedium Inge
Cypripedium John Haggar
John Haggar
Cypripedium Lucy Pinkepank
Lucy Pinkepank
Cypripedium Michael
Cypripedium Sabine
Cypripedium Sabine Pastell
Sabine Pastell
Cypripedium Victoria

We only want to offer hybrids which have been positively tested under garden conditions for years (not every hybrid is automatically suitable for the garden!). In addition we produce high quality. We, therefore, concentrate on the best crosses, mostly primary hybrids which are genetically uncomplicated and have a natural look.

We offer exclusively Cypripedium hybrids and no species. Here are the reasons why.

Frosch® Cypripedium hybrids...