Cypripedium 'Frosch's Harlequin'

Cypripedium 'Frosch's Harlequin'

Height20-25 cm   Flowermedium-size, May

Frosch® Exclusive Perennials has not only been offering garden orchids raised from seed, but also clones taken from tested outstanding single plants. The advantages for you:

'Frosch's Harlequin' is a selected clone of Cypripedium Hans Erni. We chose the name 'Harlequin' because this clone can display different colours depending on the temperature during flower bud formation: if it was warm, you'll get a white base tone, if cooler you'll get a yellow base tone. If the weather was changeable at the beginning of the blooming period, you will even have both colours on one clump simultaneously!

'Frosch's Harlequin' is a low-growing garden orchid predestined for the foreground of a flowerbed. During the years-long selection process this plant has demonstrated outstanding vigour, good colouration and robustness. Even if you're a first-time grower of hardy lady´s slippers, you'll be delighted with 'Frosch's Harlequin'.

Cypripedium 'Frosch's Harlequin', flower Cypripedium 'Frosch's Harlequin', group Cypripedium 'Frosch's Harlequin', group Cypripedium 'Frosch's Harlequin', rhizomes

Information regarding care can be found in our planting instructions.