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Instruction: When you press the “Play” symbol of a video, it is loaded from the Youtube server and starts playing after a few seconds. Very nice is the full screen mode (symbol on the bottom right) at a resolution of 480p or higher. After the start of the video you can adjust the resolution on the control bar at the bottom (recommended only for fast internet connections).

Display at a German garden show with 46 different hybrids:

Garden example 1:

Garden example 2:

Garden example 3:

Garden example 4:

Additional photos in our garden examples.

A bed especially for hardy lady's slipper orchids:

Additional photos in our garden examples.

The development of a bed for hardy lady's slipper orchids 2010-2013:

See Growth for additional examples.

Cypripedium Philipp in a garden:


The planting:

Additional information in our planting advice.

How to divide a big clump:

Additional information in our dividing advice.


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