Lady´s slippers come in very different qualities. A healthy and strong rhizome with long roots is a precondition for good growth in the garden. Which points should you check when buying?

Healthy rhizomes of Frosch® quality

Lady's slipper orchids will continue to grow best in the garden which have, like ours, previously been cultivated outdoors. They are used to the changing conditions, a natural soil life and periods of bad weather. They will already produce more shoots and blooms in their second year. No chemical plant protection or heating energy is required in the production of "Frosch® Exclusive Perennials".

Greenhouse cultivated hardy lady's slipper orchids, available from other suppliers, are raised much faster and can look impressive at first glance. However, they are initially more sensitive in the garden and need to get used to the variable conditions. This can take more than one growing season. Furthermore, chemicals and considerably more energy are used in their production.

Roots should be white or cream-coloured without dark spots or rot. There should not be any cuts, the root tips must be undamaged and show a light-yellow colouring. Please note: not the length but the diameter of the shoot bud is decisive for the size of the shoot and its capability to flower. As you buy the plant during dormancy it has already been determined whether it will flower. Therefore good care can only influence the bloom in the following season (see growing cycle).

Size 0 represents "jumbo size", size 1 flowering size, and size NF will flower in 1-2 years. Please note the extra long roots due to outdoor cultivation!
Rhizomes of various sizes