Cypripedium hybrids are vigorous

Frosch® Cypripedium hybrids show growth rates which are much faster than of species. And all this without special care! Only regular fertilization in spring is decisive. See below how clumps of Ventricosum, Ursel and Ventricosum Pastel enlarge in little time.

Growth of Cypripedium hybrids

After only two years:

Growth of Cypripedium hybrids +2 years

Another year later:

Growth of Cypripedium hybrids +3 years

Another example:

Growth of Cypripedium hybrids

Two years later:

Growth of Cypripedium hybrids +2 years

Harry Jans from the Netherlands cultivates successfully Cypripedium Michael in his garden. 20 flowering shoots (mostly with twin flowers) after only 6 years.

Cypripedium Michael after 6 years

Three single-shooted Cypripedium Gisela were planted in this garden and see what developed after only a few years: 25 flowers after only 5 years.

Three Cypripedium Gisela after 5 years

See below for the result after another few years passed. The clumps had been divided and planted at a different spot. 152 flowers after 8 years!

Three Cypripedium Gisela after 8 years

In a different garden five single-shoot rhizomes each of Cypripedium Emil (foreground) and Ingrid (background) were planted. After a few years, impressive groups developed: Cypripedium Ingrid with 30 flowering shoots (8 with twin flowers) and Cypripedium Emil with 23 flowering shoots (4 with twin flowers) after only 3 years.

Five plants each of Cypripedium Emil und Ingrid after 3 years

It is also possible to successfully cultivate Cypripedium hybrids in pots, but not as easily as in the garden. Anthony Darby from Scotland wrote me: "Here is a picture of Cypripedium Sabine, which won first prize in the Hardy Orchid class of the Perth show of the Scottish Rock Garden Club last Saturday. I got it six years ago as a seedling and last year it flowered for the first time (two flowers)."

Cypripedium Sabine after 6 years of pot culture

Three years later he added: "The same plant, in the same pot and in the same place on my patio has 9 flowers this year. This plant experienced -18°C with no protection for the pot."

Cypripedium Sabine after 9 years of pot culture

Again Anthony Darby: "Here is a pot of Cypripedium Ventricosum with 19 single flowers. It started as a single nose, but I have had this plant for 12 years."

Cypripedium Ventricosum after 12 years of pot culture

Theo Kampschulte from Germany wrote me: "I bought an inconspicuous, about 10 cm tall, single plant of Cypripedium Emil at a spring market about 15 years ago. The first year we enjoyed one flower, this year there are 45 !"

Cypripedium Emil after 15 years of pot culture