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25 years of Frosch® Exclusive Perennials Michael Weinert and Cypripedium Emil, Frosch® Exclusive Perennials TASPO Awards 2013 Winner

The Cypripedium nursery Frosch® Exclusive Perennials is run by Michael Weinert. 1994 the idea was born to propagate large numbers from promising lady´s slipper hybrids for garden enthusiasts. In the meantime a selection of high-quality crosses has been created, which enables laymen to successfully grow lady´s slippers in the garden. Sales are handled internationally by acknowledged nurseries.

The garden orchids are grown outside without any chemical pest control in the rough climate of upper Bavaria and are totally hardy. It is not before 3-6 years in soil that the plants are sold. That´s why our clients can be sure of acquiring vigorous and healthy orchids, which continue to grow without problems in their gardens.

Michael Weinert

Ziegelstadelweg 5a
83623 Dietramszell

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