Cypripedium Sabine Pastel

Cypripedium Sabine Pastel

Height30-40 cm   Flowervery large, May

Sabine Pastel is a large petalled cross. The lip alone reaches almost chicken egg size:

Cypripedium Sabine Pastel, flower size

In addition, with Sabine Pastel you possess a garden orchid with a stable stem, leaves as big as a hand and long lasting flowers (three weeks!). It is extremely hardy to the effects of climate change. This provides the conditions for extended enjoyment in your garden and is reason enough to count it among the terrific eye-catchers of the Frosch® hybrid range.

Give your Sabine Pastel enough space for development and plant it on a central spot in the orchid bed. You won't regret it!

Cypripedium Sabine Pastel, flower Cypripedium Sabine Pastel, clump Cypripedium Sabine Pastel, clump

Information regarding care can be found in our planting instructions.