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Cypripedium Rascal

Height 45-50 cm   Blooming time May-June
Flower size: medium

Rascal has a slightly smaller habit than Dietrich. The flower coloration again resembles that of the European lady┬┤s slipper (Cyp. calceolus) and the North American yellow lady’s slipper (Cyp. parviflorum). The lip, however, varies between yellow and cream.

Rascal is one of the latest flowering of all of the Cypripedium hybrids, opening at the end of May or beginning of June, around the same time as Dietrich and Ulla Silkens. The long-lived flowers appear on the top of robust, erect stems. This late flowering habit makes it possible for you to prolong the flowering period of your lady’s slippers into June. Rascal will please you a lot, as this hybrid is especially robust and hardy.

Rascal with yellow lip

Rascal with a cream-coloured lip

Rascal flowers

Rascal clump

Information regarding care can be found in our planting instructions.


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