Re: Sterilizing devices.

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Abgeschickt von Camiel F. de Jong am 03 April, 2003 um 11:47:10

Antwort auf: Sterilizing devices. von Marcin Wielicki am 02 April, 2003 um 15:13:31:

Hi Marcin,

Nice to hear you're starting flasking Cyps! The sterilization device you're describing seems to me a sort of oven. This will work for hardware like bottles etc but it is not suited for medium preparation. At normal pressure water in the medium starts to boil at 100 °C and remains at that temperature because at this temperature the vapor pressure of water equals the atmospheric pressure around us. When the pressure is increased untill a certain level the water starts to boil at a temperature at which its vapor pressure equals that pressure level. In a pressure cooker the pressure that is built up is determined by the valve, usually a weight or a spring that opens at a pressure of (I'm not completely sure) 1 atmosphere higher than atmospheric pressure and the water boils at 121 °C as the vapour pressure of water at this temperature equals the pressure that is allowed to built up in the pressure cooker. At 121 °C all micro-organisms are killed. It's a bit of a long answer and I hope it is clear if not don't hesitate to mail me.

Good luck,




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