Re: Any cyps able to live in Los Angeles??

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Abgeschickt von Frank Tromp am 02 April, 2003 um 21:46:19

Antwort auf: Any cyps able to live in Los Angeles?? von Conan Teng am 01 April, 2003 um 00:14:57:

: Is it possible to grow cyps in Los Angeles, CA?? Are there any Cyps growers in southern California that i can learn from.

Where in Los Angeles? You might have a chance if you are along the coast. I'm about 150 miles up the coast from Los Angeles and have success growing C. reginae, C. flavum, C macranthos and C. tibeticum. Here along the coast we have foggy summers where the temperature rarely gets above 75 degrees F. When it's clear there is usually a cooling breeze off the ocean. My plants don't usually go dormant until December, when I have to dispose of the surplus beer in the extra refridgerator in my garage. I have a couple of plants growing in the ground on the North side of my house that I did not artificially vernalize and are beginning to come up, but it may be to shady to get them to bloom. We'll see what happens.


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