Re: Soil for C.japonicum and C.macranthos

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 16 Maerz, 2003 um 22:48:13

Antwort auf: Soil for C.japonicum and C.macranthos von Mario Winkler am 15 Maerz, 2003 um 17:45:39:

Hi Mario,

well drained means that if you have your plants in a pot and water them, the water runs right through. Different kinds of growth medium is possible and there is not one recipee that is the only right choice. Possible ingredients are: pumice, vulca, perlite, seramis, calcerous grit, bark, a bit of leavemould (not to much or the medium becomes too waterretentive) sand. Not so good is peat or loam. japonicum is a plant that needs much space as it has a creeping rhizome. It also tends to grow downwards. It is not really as easy as others. Macranthos is less of a problem (but no Cypripedium is really easy...)

Good luck!



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