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Abgeschickt von Paul P. Perakos am 02 Februar, 2003 um 18:06:44

Antwort auf: beds for reginae and calceolus von Neil Peterson am 01 Februar, 2003 um 20:08:33:

Hey, Neil

Saw your post on the cyp forum. Advice #1, Leave the Reginae ALONE! They hate to be disturbed, touched, and divided. You can kill the plant, allow fungus to get in, shock it. Leave well enough alone! Reginae is very picky about the soil and conditions too and is always best left undisturbed.

As far as pubescens goes, that's much easier to grow. I have written an article for the Slipper Orchid Alliance, here's what I said about soil/bed preparation:


I strongly recommend making a special raised garden for your cyps. I use lichen covered rocks to make my raised bed. An area is dug out, soil is removed, a weed liner is placed down, and then the rocks are laid around the perimeter. I punch holes into the weed guard to assist drainage. Over the weed guard I put about an inch of gravel/crushed stones, again for drainage. The removed soil is put back on top and then you must prepare my special cyp soil mix.

I have found this mix very good with my cyps. I use Fafard premium potting soil, with sterile white play sand, perlite, paph potting mix (it’s available in huge 3 cubic foot bags) and leaf compost. I actually do the mix by eye, but I would say the mix is 50% potting soil, 5% perlite, 5% sand, 20% paph potting mix and 20% leaf humus. This is a light and airy mixture that encourages root growth and retains moisture.

The mix is added to the raised bed, brought level to the rocks, and then watered to settle down. This garden can be made in the Spring or Fall, there is no need to wait before you bring in the plants. I normally do this is late September."

Pubescens doesn't mind it too acid but a pH of 6.5 - 7 is best. Dappled sun light and moisture is best. I never grow them under pines, so check you pH.

E-Mail me back or IM me on AOL (PaulPkos) if you need further help!



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