Re: C.tibeticum forma biflorum??

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Abgeschickt von Marcin Wielicki am 27 Januar, 2003 um 09:17:13

Antwort auf: Re: C.tibeticum forma biflorum?? von Michael Weinert am 27 Januar, 2003 um 07:31:10:

Hi Michael,

> I wonder whether a twin flowered plant could be named as a form "biflorum", because this would indicate that the double flower is genetically stable.

Exactly. That is why I am wonder about Uta's reply on stability of biflowering of the plant. If it happens every year, the name 'forma biflorum' should apply.
F.e. I heard from a guy to observe in the wild C.arietinum forma biflorum for 20 years, each season resulting in two flowers, what proves definitely to be a stable form. Hopefully C.tibeticum from Uta`s photo will prove to be biflorum too.

With best regards,


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