Photos of extraordinary plants (4b): C.sichuanense

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 25 Dezember, 2002 um 09:54:59:

Here a photo of the recently described C.sichuanense. Like all members of the section Trigonopedia this species is difficult to cultivate and it is best that marketing of the mature plants cease, as they are far too difficult, and far too rare, for self styled experts to continue killing. They do not increase much, but it is possible to have them in cultivation. A dry winter is required. I suspect many that die in cultivation are in situations which are moist too early or too late. Also many simply were likely short rooted in collection and this plant alliance does not like to be disturbed, never mind short rooting it. Getting them to set seed, so far has been the impossible part.



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