Re: Cold treatment

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 02 November, 2002 um 07:56:38

Antwort auf: Re: Cold treatment von Uta von Rad am 01 November, 2002 um 16:32:25:

Hello Uta,

It would have been better if you had given all the information in your first posting. My remarks only apply to ex vitro seedlings or plants. With seeds the times can be completely different. I don't have enough experience with the sowing of Cyp species that I could say something helpful about this. The only fact which I can tell you is that a cold treatment only has an effect on physiologically active seeds, not on dry (i.e. dormant) seed. So I would sow them first, store them at room temperature for a few months and chill afterwards.

Kind regards



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