Re: Cold treatment

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 01 November, 2002 um 16:32:25

Antwort auf: Re: Cold treatment von Michael Weinert am 01 November, 2002 um 07:12:39:

Hello Michael,

The article I mentioned was written by Bill Steele (in: North American Native Terrestrial Orchids, Propagation and Production, 1996), and as he is not exactly a beginner I wanted to check. I have asked several other sowers about californicum and they all wheren´t sure as they all had eather used green seed or seed that was already a year old. And although you are of course right in winters lasting only 3-4 month: some seed is known to germinate only after two years in nature. So I just wanted to make sure. Mabe I´ll just sow it and store they flasks at 2°C... That should give better vernalization results as storing them dry. What do you think??




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