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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 01 November, 2002 um 07:12:39

Antwort auf: Cold treatment von Uta von Rad am 29 Oktober, 2002 um 13:30:36:

Hello Uta,

I can't tell you the right times for the chilling of seeds, but here is my experience with pot plants:

 With most species 2-3 months of cool temperatures are enough to break the dormancy of the shoot buds. Only a few species can need a longer chilling period (3-4 months): C.yatabeanum, guttatum, their hybrid x alaskanum, passerinum. These are species which reach cool Northern regions with their distribution range. But even within these species you will find that specimens from the Southern range of their distribution do not need a prolonged chilling period.

Please be aware that temperatures above 5 °C (40 °F) dont' count as chilling time. Therefore warm spells during winter prolong the dormancy accordingly. This especially applies for plants in the greenhouse. I would recommend to put potted plants of the species mentioned above in the fridge during warm spells in winter. Otherwise they might have problems with their growth next spring (for photos and details please see the link below).

Best wishes



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