Re: Potted Cyp. Formosanum Advice Needed

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 06 Oktober, 2002 um 21:20:14

Antwort auf: Re: Potted Cyp. Formosanum Advice Needed von Michael Weinert am 06 Oktober, 2002 um 19:57:26:

Hi Michael!

I was just thinking...

We have lots of snow up here and it is possible to keep an area covered in thick layer of snow until all the stronger frosts are gone. And I can also cover the plants from lighter frosts with ceramic pots etc. I would like to think that its guite impossible (???) that even formosanum would start growing under snow, from frozen earth. What do you think of this? Will the plant just die if it is not "allowed" to grow when it want´s to?

I am not planning of buying a new formosanum as the old one (in pot culture) died due to unknown reason. Its a bit too expencive species. (I think thats guite bizarre as it is said to be very easy and spreading fast in cultivation...)



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