Re: Potted Cyp. Formosanum Advice Needed

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 06 Oktober, 2002 um 19:57:26

Antwort auf: Potted Cyp. Formosanum Advice Needed von Paul P. Perakos am 04 Oktober, 2002 um 23:46:56:

Hi Paul,

C.formosanum has a longer growing period than other Cyps. This is no problem in autumn. But the early start of growth in spring can be problematic. According to my experience C.formosanum is completely hardy as long as it stays dormant. But the dormancy is broken after a certain amount of time, presumably rather independent of temperature (see the link to my older posting below). Once the leaves have started to unfold, they should be protected from frost. This limits the successful culture of C.formosanum in the garden, depending on the local climate. The more late frosts you have, the more problems occur.

I hope this helps



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