Re: Potted Cyp. Formosanum Advice Needed

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Abgeschickt von Wilford Neptune am 05 Oktober, 2002 um 01:49:53

Antwort auf: Potted Cyp. Formosanum Advice Needed von Paul P. Perakos am 04 Oktober, 2002 um 23:46:56:

These are the easiest of the cyps to grow in pot culture. This year's growth may still be green up to frost. If so, I cut it off and then place the pot in a double plastic bag, so it will not dry out, and place it in a refrigerator at 35-40F for at least 3 months. This cyp is hardy, but if the temperature rises, it will start to grow, and since it may flower within 2 weeks of new growth, if the temperature then drops, it usually will have loss of the flower. For this reason it does not usually do well in New England, in the garden, due to the Jan-Feb thaw.


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