Potted Cyp. Formosanum Advice Needed

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Abgeschickt von Paul P. Perakos am 04 Oktober, 2002 um 23:46:56

This past spring I bought two formosanums from ASIATICA (CITIES ceritifed and NOT poached plants.) I received them in small pots in almost full bloom in April and re-potted them in 50% cactus potting soil and Paph bark mix. They have done very well each making a huge bud for next year.

I never grew formosanums before and they are still vibrant green with no sign of dormancy. Do they last longer than other cyps and how much cooling do they need to vernalize? I figured the garage would again be the best place to keep then but I also heard they should be brought in sooner.

Advice please!




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