Question regarding pot culture

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Abgeschickt von Jim Bestmann am 30 Maerz, 2000 um 10:49:35

Antwort auf: Re: Growing mixture for cypripedium formosanum von Michael Weinert am 26 Maerz, 2000 um 07:17:34:

Many thanks for the information regarding the growing mixture and advice for Cypripedium formosanum.

I also have a question regarding Cypripediums in general. They break dormancy at a cold time of the year which results in dry air and drafts in the house, where I raise them near windows for light. In addition, the water that I use is pH 7.2 to 7.3. This results in a tendancy to develop "damping off" and root rot.

I am growing in addition to formosanum, candidum, parviflorum, pubescens, and reginae. At this point in my experience with them, I am growing them in pots so that I can control both the environment and growing mixtures. Later on, I hope to have some in my outdoor garden.

Can anybody suggest possible answers to this problem?

With best regards,
Jim Bestmann