Californicum hardiness - hoping for a quick answer

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 25 September, 2002 um 11:54:03

Hi all

Do you think that Cypripedium californicum could be hardy in southern Finland? In very cold winters we might get such extreme temperatures as down to -30C. Last winter the coldest day had about -26C in one day, there was actually only one week of any colder wethers. But by the time that so cold weather can happen (January), there is always lots (I´d say 30 cm/one feet or much more) of snow covering the ground. For example Bletilla striata and Pleiones formosana and limprichtii have been succesfully grown outdoors, alhtought not all (not even most) specimens of those plants survive through the winter. It is almost impossible to keep the ground free of freezing. All Cyps have done well so far.

Where have you grown youre californicums? Any in northern Europe/America?

I hope you could answer me asap, I´m planning a new order (these plants are not coming for myself, althought I would keep one or two californicums myself =) )



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