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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 15 September, 2002 um 19:54:32

Antwort auf: "Empty" seed pods? von Joseph LeBlanc am 10 September, 2002 um 19:49:32:

Dear Joseph,

: I noticed 'fuzziness' along the inside ridges of the empty pods. Do these pods still contain small amounts of usable seeds? Are these pods worth collecting?

The fuzziness is the placenta to which the seeds were attached. It is always possible that there are a few left and that drying these pods would enable you to shake them out. However, I doubt if its worth the effort as the good seeds will probably be the heavier ones that came out already. Regarding collecting and treating seeds in general the best advice is to read the contribution from Camiel further back on the forum.

Better luck next year with the timing.



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