"Empty" seed pods?

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Abgeschickt von Joseph LeBlanc am 10 September, 2002 um 19:49:32

Although I grow many of our native orchids (Alberta, Canada), I do not grow them from seed. I promised a few collectors seeds from C. passerinum, but was late in collecting pods before the seeds released. As a result, I only collected a couple of full pods.

I noticed 'fuzziness' along the inside ridges of the empty pods. Do these pods still contain small amounts of usable seeds? Are these pods worth collecting?

Also, I was late in collecting seed because the seed pods were green the last time I thought of harvesting them. Can full green pods be harvested? If so, is it best to leave the seeds in the pod or to remove the seeds?

An aside: Here in Alberta, I have noticed that many empty cypripedium pods (all species) offer nesting habitat for 'jumping spiders'. These harmless spiders are welcome additions to the garden as they prey on other insects... A different type of spider, the crab spider, is very common in the flowering yellow ladyslippers in the Rocky Mountains. Once the flowers stop blooming, the crab spiders find other yellow flowers (like goldenrod) to use as a hunting base.


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