Re: No organic fraction?

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 24 August, 2002 um 10:24:49

Antwort auf: Re: No organic fraction? von Peter Corkhill am 24 August, 2002 um 09:38:55:

Dear Peter,

well, I got the recipe for the inorganic mix from Camiel de Jong. He has further experience than I. I am not planning to grow the seedling until flowering in this inorganic mix. At the moment I do the following: I deflask all my Cyp seedlings into this mixture (excluding acaule) and then put them in a coolroom (2°C) for about 4 months. Then I put them outside and wait for the leaves to show up. Then I treat them different: More "easy" plants (like pubescens, henryi, reginae, flavum ect...) get a top dressing layer of pine needles with just a touch of pine duff. This way they get a bit of organics that are washed through to the roots, without any organic matter directly touching the roots. After a year or two on this medium I am planning to put them into a new potting mix with a bit more organics. The more difficult seedlings (like fargesii) I keep in the inorganic mix without any topdressing. I do some very carefull fertilization but not to much. I plan to keep them on this completely inorganic mix for at least two years, maybe adding a top dressing in the third, then replant them with more organic matter in their fourth year. Of course it is always a bit difficult to give a recipe that goes for all species... ;-) So I have a three years old californicum seedling that is planted in a compost with lots and lots of organic matter...and seems very happy. I also use some small variations in my inorganic mixes: For example for species that like a more acidic pH I include some canuma in the mixture (Do you know this stuff? itīs a bit like pumice, but acidic pH itīs used for growing azaleas sometimes). Well, Itīs a wide field and we can go on discussing this for pages ;-). I will try to find a picture of my seedlings from this spring and send it along sometime next week.



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