Re: No organic fraction?

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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 24 August, 2002 um 09:38:55

Antwort auf: Re: Don't think its pH! von Uta von Rad am 23 August, 2002 um 13:16:06:

Dear Uta,

A word of caution - because this mix gave good results for me doesn't mean it will for you - I have a friend who gets good all round results with the Seramis compost mixture. The man behind the watering can is more impostant than the compost mix. I posted the note to encourage further experimentation not to provide the ultimate solution.

So far I have not had the courage to try a compost with no organic fraction at all so I was interested in your comment that you were pleased with results from such a mixture. The mixtures I have tried have usually had 15 to 20% of an organic fraction but of course this brings the added risk of introducing the seedlings to pathogens like fungi at an early stage unless the organic component is sterilised. Do you plan to raise your seedlings right through to flowering with this hydroponic mixture? Keep us posted with their progress - some pictures would be great at some stage.




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