Re: Don't think its pH!

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 23 August, 2002 um 13:16:06

Antwort auf: Re: Don't think its pH! von Peter Corkhill am 22 August, 2002 um 07:46:31:

Dear Peter,

Yes, I know that the colour can change from all kinds of reasons. It was just a guess since I have made quite good experience with a mixture of seramis, perlite and lava (1:1:1) for most of my seedlings but first: those seedlings weren´t californicum (pubescens, henryi, tibeticum, calceolus, guttatum, flavum and several others) and as you said: different people have different results with different material. I more wanted to know if you think that californicum can take the lower pH. Since you think it can: Thanks for the information. I will (hopefully :-) ) have some californicums ready for deflasking next season so I will use your medium



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