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Abgeschickt von Eric Muehlbauer am 07 August, 2002 um 06:15:07

Antwort auf: Re: acaule report - no culture! von Michael Weinert am 30 April, 2002 um 08:59:27:

How very interesting to see my article discussed like this.....There are a few points that some people seemed to misunderstand. I was saying that C. acaule has a reputation of being difficult to grow because of its restricted requirements...however, if , and only if, it is provided with its proper growth environment, it is easy. The stress was that it was ONLY in the correct, I provided details of my personal success. I also have success growing them in NYC, in pots of native soil, sunk into the ground. What seems to be overlooked in the discussion, is that, far from trying to encourage irresponsible cultivation of C. acaule, I am trying to provide info about the proper culture for those who do end up with these plants...some of which are now entering the market as legitimately propagated seedlings...Many of which I am trying to contribute to the market myself. Every year I pollinate my plants, and pods have been distributed internationally, at no charge, over the last few years, to Bill Steele, Troy Meyers, Aaron Hicks, Carson Whitlow, Juergen Boehm, and many others. Contrary to what some have expressed, I am not trying to encourage people to try to grow acaule unless they have just the right conditions...which, by the way, are not very uncommon on the east coast of the US......As it is, much trade in collected acaule's has declined in recent years, and fortunately, C. acaule is still fairly common, even in disturbed areas (I have seen it within a few yards of the heavily travelled Long Island Expressway).

I hope this clarifies some issues.......

Eric Muehlbauer


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