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Abgeschickt von Alastair Robinson am 26 Maerz, 2000 um 12:08:01

Antwort auf: picture of C. "chenii" von Michael Weinert am 26 Maerz, 2000 um 08:39:38:

Thank you for posting the pictures - I didn't realise that the forum was capable of displaying images - can we use standard HTML tags (HTML,BODY,IMG etc) to achieve this?

I don't mean to impress upon a point that might seem otherwise obvious to all of you who disagree with the naming of this plant. It seems that your disagreements are based upon the assumption that the parentage of the plant is unknown.
If however, the parentage is known, or if its hybrid status can be adequately counter-challenged when brought into question, then one can't dispute the name that Gianantonio has proposed - many hybrids can look very much like one or the other of their parents, so the fact that this specimen resembles C. fasciolatum does not make it that species.
Either way, one photograph is surely not going to be sufficient for any of us to make this decision - more pictures of particular details will doubtless help or, failing that, we should subpoena Sg. Torelli!

Some of us seem to possess plants in common that *may* be of this hybrid origin - a lot of photography is in order. I will be able to tell in a few days if my plant is to flower this year, and if so, will let you know what transpires.

Warmest regards,