photo of C. "chenii"

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 26 Maerz, 2000 um 08:39:38

Antwort auf: photos of C.farreri von Michael Weinert am 26 Maerz, 2000 um 08:13:28:

For our convenience I present Torelli's photo of his C.chenii here.

In my eyes this is a crippled flower of a plant newly introduced into culture. The first flower in culture often is untypical due to changes in environmental conditions which cause stress symptoms. So it is hard to determine this plant's species. But in my eyes it is too quick to claim a new name for it. If this plant is still alive it would be interesting to see a flower of the second year in culture. Then discussion would make more sense (and nomenclature would not be overcrowed with invalid names and synonyms). In this plant's state it is really hard to tell what it is.