Re: C. dickinsonianum/C. irapeanum culture

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Abgeschickt von Marcin Wielicki am 19 Juni, 2002 um 09:06:05

Antwort auf: C. dickinsonianum/C. irapeanum culture von Jay Vannini am 18 Juni, 2002 um 21:34:14:

Hello Jay,

I like the topic very much. Althrough I cannot help with any culture info. of the species, I am curious about distribution of C.dicikinsonianum in Guatemala. So far, I believe, this species was reported only from Southern Mexico.
Also I am sure, all of us, would be very interested in watching photos of both species, if you taken any.
Have you tried to cultivate them? Or you just planning to save some from the location, you wrote about?

With all the best, Marcin


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