C. dickinsonianum/C. irapeanum culture

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Abgeschickt von Jay Vannini am 18 Juni, 2002 um 21:34:14


I am curious as to whether anyone has had any success with these species since the last round of posts on the subject in 2000.

My understanding is that both are mycorrhizal dependent, are exquisitely sensitive to both water quality and the components of their growing medium, require carefully-managed rest periods that mimic the dry season in northern Nuclear Central America (although they appear to grow over shallow seeps here and may require periodic flooding from below), require brilliant morning and midday sunshine year-round, and loathe inorganic fertilizers.

Specifically, I am interested in feedback from people who have direct experience either growing or killing these two spp. I live in Guatemala, am quite familiar with both in the field at a published location where they occur in sympatry. Sadly, the most accessible part of this site is now encroached by a clandestine garbage tip and gravel quarry. Local growers are a dead loss for any information on them and have written them off as "impossible". I wonder...




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