Re: Growing mixture for cypripedium formosanum

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 26 Maerz, 2000 um 07:17:34

Antwort auf: Growing mixture for cypripedium formosanum von Jim Bestmann am 26 Maerz, 2000 um 07:16:05:

Thank you for your question. Cyp.formosanum is not very demanding in pot culture except that it doesn't like high contents of organic matter and that it needs good fertilization. Therefore I would suggest to use a well aerated mix with mineralic substances (e.g. perlite, vermiculite, sand) and only a smaller part of organic matter (whatever you use with your other Cyps). Water and fertilize frequently during the growing period. According to my experience C.formosanum shoots can be boosted up to double size when watering and fertilization is optimal. Then the number of shoots will double every year.

In pot culture I prefer plastic pots for sanitary reasons. Furthermore roots do not stick so tight to plastic pots than to clay pots which reduces damage during repotting.