Re: C.parviflorum varieties

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Abgeschickt von Chuck Sheviak am 07 Juni, 2002 um 20:39:34

Antwort auf: C.parviflorum varieties von Tom Velardi am 20 Mai, 2002 um 12:48:20:

Pubescens is highly variable in size, shape, and color, even among flowers produced by the same plant in different years. The sepals and petals can vary from clear, wholly unmarked green to very heavily blotched with black-purple. Parviflorum is markedly small-flowered, and when you finally see it, it is obviously different: somehow more graceful and delicate. The aspect of the flower is more like makasin. It takes a close look at the sepals and petals to note the difference, with the heavy dusting of tiny dark spots.

In the southern mountains, you could have seen either pubescens or parviflorum, or both. In that area, parviflorum commonly grows in drier, more acidic soils than pubescens. For instance, in the Blue Ridge in western Virgina, I've see parviflorum growing just below the summit of a ridge, growing under oaks with very sparse ericaceous vegetation, well above the zone of Kalmia latifolia (mountain laurel).


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