Re: Yellow C. calceolus?

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 07 Juni, 2002 um 20:34:01

Antwort auf: Re: Yellow C. calceolus? von Uta am 07 Juni, 2002 um 11:36:50:


Yes, I was trying to say that it was the same plant (I am pretty sure) with the usual Calceolus that it made a large clump with. And this specimen has never before had such stems that made yellow blooms. Now there was some 5 of these stems, and I beliewe this is due to the warm weather we have "suffered" from.

Even the "paler" calceoluses growing in the same area are not true yellow, the color is just not the usual dark brown.

The plants are in full bloom right now, I was wisiting the area at Wednesday and all the flowers were open already and none had no signs tof withering. This is also guite extrordinary, as the plants in shade uauslly flower in different timethan plants in less shaded places.

By the way. Some people have tried to "care" one large calceolus-specimen in this protected area by giving it more light. This was done with cutting some trees off from the southern side of this plant. Now some years after, the plant, once magnificant (I´ve heard), has got very small and the few stems look like 2 years old seedlings. Only two stems have tried to flower this year and all the buds aborted. It is guite obvious to me that calceoluses are, in wild, very tender against too much light. Does anyone else have experience of the same subject?



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