Re: Strange pubescens

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Abgeschickt von Chuck Sheviak am 07 Juni, 2002 um 20:14:36

Antwort auf: Re: Strange pubescens von Michael Weinert am 18 Mai, 2002 um 22:31:12:

Michael's plant may be a hybrid: in addition to the pale coloring of the lip, the distal margin of the orifice (that is, the edge that points toward the 'toe' of the slipper) appears to be wedge-shaped. In pubescens, and in C. parviflorum in general, it is blunt. The wedge is typical of C. candidum, C. montanum, C. calceolus, and possibly other species. Certainly the first two listed here could also provide the pale color to the lip.

Even if all the seed in a flask came from a single capsule, it only takes a single pollen grain to create a hybrid.

Paul's plant, on the other hand, does look like pubescens. If the lip really is greenish, well then maybe it is odd. But color can be influenced by the temperature and other conditions under which the bud develops. C. kentuckiense, for example, can produce clear green lips if the weather is unusually cold.


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