Re: Yellow C. calceolus?

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Abgeschickt von Uta am 07 Juni, 2002 um 11:36:50

Antwort auf: Re: Yellow C. calceolus? von Matti Niissalo am 06 Juni, 2002 um 23:14:44:

Hi Matti,

well I know that a yellow calceolus exists. that is a normal calceolus with completely yellow floweres. It has a mutation and therefore lost the brown pigmentation. that is normal and though it is not a common plant you can find it now and then (Paul Christian even sold seedlings of such a clone). What is so strange with "my" plant is that I found the yellow and normal flowers on the SAME plant. That means yellow and normal on one plant! That is something I had never seen before...

But please tell me when your wild calceolus is in full bloom. It will be interesting.



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