Re: Yellow C. calceolus?

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 06 Juni, 2002 um 23:14:44

Antwort auf: Yellow C. calceolus? von Uta von Rad am 06 Juni, 2002 um 19:52:47:

Hello Uta

I must say that I´m suprised to see these photos right now, as I have just had to wonder the same thing myself.

I already mentioned elsewhere in the Forum that I was just seeing our wild Cyps in a wood and that I saw Cyps with paler and darker petals. One plant, large specimen with about 30 flowers, had some strange flowers. It is obvious, I think, that they were clones with other plants growing in the same clump. These flowers, about 5, looked guite similar to the photos you show, not perfectly formed and yellow. I hope to send some pics when they´ll be ready.

I have followed this same specimen for 3 years now and I have newer seen anything like that before. Maybe there´s something wrong with our weathers, at least we in Finland are about 2 weeks ahead of the "schedule" and it has been hot and dry through the whole spring. Maybe that would cause the buds to grow too fast and not allow them to get the best color and size/shape.

I´m not sure... and of course it must be different since "your" plant has flowered like that two years in a row...


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