Curing Sun Damage to Cyp. Blossoms

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Abgeschickt von Paul P. Perakos am 03 Juni, 2002 um 15:47:26

Several weeks ago my pubescens flowers were damaged by exposure to direct sunlight on a very warm dry day. This caused the pouches to shrivel up and collapse much like a balloon like a balloon with an air leak. The flowers had been only open several days so I was horrified.

I decided, crazy as it sounds, to see if pouring some cold water directly into the pouch would "re-inflate" the flower and believe it or not it completely restored the flowers to their normal shape and size. The next morning they looked perfectly healthy and it actually prolonged their bloom life!

This happened again to my parvi this Saturday and the 'water trick' worked again. As long as the flowers have no brown spots or rot, this seems to work very well!



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