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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 31 Mai, 2002 um 07:52:08

Antwort auf: C.montanum in culture von Mark Johnson am 31 Mai, 2002 um 07:40:13:

Hi Mark,

C.montanum is quite susceptible to rot during summer. As you said, keep it more to the dry side after flowering. The most important point with this and other difficult species is to receive healthy and well established plants from artificial propagation. Two years ago I received strong seedlings  from Karen, grown in soil for two or three years and they are doing well. Two adult plants from the same shipment have had much more problems with adaptation. One plant died last winter and the other is close to death (severe problems with rot). Many difficulties which one faces with plants from the wild don't appear with artificially propagated plants. Obviously there exist some robust specimen in the gene pool of every species and these are selected during the process of raising the plants from seed.

According to my experience seedlings from C.montanum need no extra care except less watering during summer. What I have heard from others, most montanums from the wild die within the first or second year despite a lot of careful preparations. According to Karen's web site the mature plants she sells are not grown from seed but divisions of wild plants that grow on her property and/or collected salvage. This might explain why mature plants from Karen seem to be less stable than seedlings.

Best regards



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