Re: C. fasciolatum X C.farreri

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Abgeschickt von Björn Johansson am 25 Maerz, 2000 um 14:56:50

Antwort auf: Re: C. fasciolatum X C.farreri von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 23 Maerz, 2000 um 17:24:23:

: I have checked this out but can't see why the plant in question is not straight C. fasciolatum?

I agree the plant pictured at the Italian site looks similar to fasciolatum. However, I would assume the botanist involved could compare and see a difference between it and farreri and fasciolatum, a difference which we cannot see from cyberspace.

I, as well as Magnus Persson here in Sweden, have grown this plant, and we both agree that it is a very nice, but still, a Cypripedium fasciolatum.

The Italian botanist have also 'identified' Pleione voltolinii, and I think this is totally wrong. As of what I see of the photo, the plants he have id'ed, are similar to plants I sent to Ian Butterfield (the Pleione expert) last spring for identification. Ian is totally sure that those are simply Pleione speciosa's.