Re: Strange pubescens

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 22 Mai, 2002 um 06:10:17

Antwort auf: Re: Strange pubescens von Michael Weinert am 18 Mai, 2002 um 22:31:12:

I had such spotted varities in my stand of pubescens. The freckling on mine was red spots, usually most pronounced around the lip opening but occassionaly a few on the exterior of the inflated portion of the lip occurred as seen in your photos. More red spots were to be seen inside the pouch than outside, and back lighting made them beautiful.

I believe it is an attractive aspect of genetic diversity with this species, and it also occurs as the now named "forma welchii" in C.montanum. This form of pubescens has not been named to my knowledge but occurs intermittently in large stands of them, so it must be a trait in the
gene pool, much like lighter or darker sepals are a genetic trait that is seen in the same large stands...and also in large colonies of montanum.



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