Cypripedium Trade (C.acaule)

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Abgeschickt von Tom Velardi am 20 Mai, 2002 um 02:01:51

Hi everyone,

I have never posted or seen this forum until today, but my interest in Cyps has lasted over the past 25 years. Near my home in New York were large populations of C. acaule growing in abandoned granite mines. These populations were amazing, numbering into the thousands of individuals. Now living in Florida I can only admire them in the wild. What is distressing is the continued sale of collected plants. Right now on another garden forum people are asking about growing C. acaule in such places as coastal Georgia, USA. Respondants, who obviously have no experience with these plants, are saying, sure, go ahead! I bought mine at XXX, 3 plants for $7.95. It pains me to think that this fairly common species could one day become yet another rarity. It's encouraging that at least some are being produced artifically.

Tom Velardi


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