Re: Damping off(?)

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Abgeschickt von Hideka Kobayashi am 18 Mai, 2002 um 09:36:02

Antwort auf: Re: Damping off(?) von Michael Weinert am 01 Mai, 2002 um 23:45:54:

Looks like fungal to me, too, but it should be correctlt diagnosed by a specialist. One reason I am thinking this may be fungal is, if this was done by bacteria such as Erwinia (or Pantoea), the symptoms would be severer.

Damping off is a term generally applied to seedlings, I believe. Whatever the causal agent is, you should keep in mind that a broad spectrum fungicide does not always work for damping off. Damping off is caused by various fungi (Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, etc) and oomycetes (Pythium), and in the case you know the causal agent, you should use a more specific fungicide.



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