C.'Gisela' - very vigorous! (with photo)

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 17 Mai, 2002 um 06:59:06

I wanted to share my experience with growing Cypripedium "Gisela." In Fall, 2000, I ordered my first "Giselas" that were to be a year away from blossoming. I was very excited to receive this plant as I had never know cyps could even be hybridized and I loved how the plant looked.

In October a very small package arrived in the mail. I thought this couldn't possibly be the Giselas. I opened the package and found these small plants with white roots and assumed they made a mistake and sent me seedlings! I e-mailed Michael as I was not pleased and he assured me that Gisela is that size, that it would grow quickly and vigorously. With much skepticism, I planted the Gisela, 3 in my front garden and one with my pubescens in the back garden.

In Spring 2001, the Giselas emerged and by May were about the size of a mature parviflorum. I was surprised given the size of the rhizomes. I kept the plants moist and fertilized all year. They got watered along with the front lawn.

In the Fall, I checked for buds and was amazed to see all 5 plants produced 2 large buds! This Spring each of the 3 plants in the front garden produced 2 stems each with a flower (see photo). Simply amazing for their 2nd year. It takes my pubescens 3 - 5 years to achieve the same growth. The plant in the back garden also blossomed.

I am obviously very pleased with this hybrid and amazed by its fast growth. What I discovered about Gisela is the following: They don't like to be planted too deeply, shallow is better, they like to be kept moist throughout the year, they like fertilizer; I have used 'Miracle Gro' for them, and they also seem to prefer potting soil to woodland soil. The front plants were planted in potting soil and the other Gisela was planted in woodland soil with the pubescens. The potting soil Giselas are much bigger and robust.

In summary, Gisela is an excellent plant that is easy to grow, has a unique beauty and will multiply rapidly.




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