Re: ID of unknown Cyp

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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 13 Mai, 2002 um 17:20:07

Antwort auf: ID of unknown Cyp von Marcin Wielicki am 09 Mai, 2002 um 07:21:44:

At first glance these white plants look like members of the big hybrid swarm from the Manchurian floral region, i.e. I would say its a Cyp. x ventricosum with a lot of a white Cyp. macranthos (perhaps a back cross). I have seen such a tremendous variability in the Russian Far East around Vladivostok that it is indeed very likely that these plants fall in this complex. That doesn't mean they have to come from the Russian Far East, the bigger part of the Manchurian floral region lies in northeastern China.

Holger Perner


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