Re: ID of unknown Cyp

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 10 Mai, 2002 um 18:30:02

Antwort auf: ID of unknown Cyp von Marcin Wielicki am 09 Mai, 2002 um 07:21:44:

Hello Marcin!

In my opinion that looks a lot like opening calceolus, just the color is wrong. Maybe this would be the alba form?

I have one very similar photos (slide, so I can´t scan it and show you) of opening calceoluses in a rainy day, taken from wood near to us last summer.

Of course someone more talented might have a reason to put that to some other taxon. Can´t wait to be challenged in this competition of "right" naming =)

I can´t see any macranthos in this flower...

All the best



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