Re: naturally-occuring C. acaule

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 04 Mai, 2002 um 23:54:24

Antwort auf: naturally-occuring C. acaule von Debbie Beck am 04 Mai, 2002 um 20:46:28:

The best thing you can do is leave them where they are. You can help them out by making sure they do not get crowded out by tree seedlings or weeds. If you have deer running around rampant (as I do) a metal wire basket placed over them will prevent them from getting eaten. I also have heard you should not fertilize acaule.

Since you know that is a great site for acaule, in Fall 2003, Vermont Ladyslipper Company should be selling some mature acaule that you could buy and plant there.

Another thought is if you can get some acaule seedlings from forum members or from other sources, you know you should be sucessful as the site has all the requirements.

Take good care of these wonderful plants!



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