Re: Insects on Cyps

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Abgeschickt von Camiel F. de Jong am 02 Mai, 2002 um 10:15:52

Antwort auf: Insects on Cyps von Mark Johnson am 01 Mai, 2002 um 22:15:38:

Hi Mark,

You might try Admire from Bayer. The active compound is Imidacloprid. It is used against aphids and white fly but perhaps it also kills the miners. It is a systemic insecticide which means that it is taken up by the plant, making it poisonous to the pests. I sprayed my seedlings with it and they did not seem to have any problems with this chemical. When seedlings start to emerge the tender shoots are attacked by aphids that damage it and may eventually kill it. One treatment in the start of the season is often sufficient as the chemical protects them for quite some time, at least long enough for the shoot to harden off and become less attractive to aphids. Just to be sure treat only one plant with it, see if it helps, and does not harm the plant.

Good luck!



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